Adventure Park Package



Adventure Parks are one of the fastest growing trends in the U.S. currently. Just like Zip Line and Canopy Tours, Adventure Parks bring in hundreds of customers each day and provide multiple opportunities for great photos.

Implementing manual trigger cameras, automatic cameras and roving cameras give guests plenty of options of photos to take home with them.



One Automated Trigger Camera . . .

This package includes 1 automated trigger camera. Using an automated system results in consistent, excellent images regardless of weather and conditions. We use a proprietary motion trigger system that has a flawless capture rate and can be used with or without Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

One Manual Trigger Camera. . .

People love taking “selfies” and we’ve developed a system that allows your guests to take a selfie while we manage the image quality and backdrop. Using a permanently installed trigger, camera and flash system means consistently excellent images without the involvement of your staff. The Adventure Park package includes one self triggered camera.

Two Roving Cameras. . .

Sometimes capturing candid moments or having the ability to capture images in multiple locations is necessary. We offer hand-held roving systems that can be used with RFID and that work seamlessly with our automated sales platform. Your staff capture the images and our system does the rest!

Two Sales Kiosks . . .

Once an image is captured it is sent to your on-site server where the image is branded with your logo and sent to a touch-screen sales kiosk for viewing by your guests. Guests then view their images, select which photos they would like to purchase, and then complete their sale. Guest can pay at the kiosk using a credit card or we can integrate the kiosk with your existing point of sale system. This package includes two designated sales kiosks.

RFID Tagging . . .

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is a technology that tags photos so you can sort them easily for packaging and sales. All our systems can be configured with RFID to assist your guests with sorting and selecting their photos for purchase.


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